Aim: The Perfect Cupcake

Aim: The Perfect Cupcake

  • ISBN: 9788403513044
  • Título original: Aim: The Perfect Cupcake
  • Año de publicación: 2014

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Sinopsis y resumen Aim: The Perfect Cupcake

In Aim: The Perfect Cupcake, Spain's foremost pastry-cook blogger Alma Obregón, reveals her best cupcake recipes in an illustrated multi-touch cookbook This innovative recipe book includes exclusive interactive and multimedia content: photo galleries with handy tips on how to make cupcakes; pop-up lists of ingredients for each recipe; fold-out illustrations; practical step-by-step guides on how to make a fondant decoration or decorate cupcakes, and numerous explanatory videos by the author. In this book you will find: * The author's top 50 original recipes illustrated in full colour, with a fold-out list of ingredients and a complete step-by-step guide, from making the cupcakes themselves to the best decorating tips. * A useful fold-out presentation of tools needed to begin making cupcakes: from the mixer to piping bag tips, with a video by the author. * A practical fold-out guide to the most common ingredients for making cupcakes. * A recap of basic buttercream recipes and decorating techniques which every accomplished pastry cook should know. * Pop-up step-by-step guide of handy tips on how to divide the mixture equally, filling cupcakes, using a piping bag, decorating with fondant, etc. The 50 recipes are grouped under several headings by theme so you can find the perfect cupcake for every occasion; your children's birthday, St. Valentine's Day, Christmas or simply an afternoon tea with your friends. They're irresistible! The directions given in the book range from classic recipes such as vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, Oreo cookie cupcakes to more innovative ones like cupcakes made from chocolate and churros, coconut rum and pineapple, Irish coffee and chocolate, tiramisu or mocha, and including creative recipes for cupcakes made out of sangria, strawberry ice cream and candy coal, candy floss or Coca-cola. Moreover, the book includes a chapter specially written for those with particular dietary requirements, like vegans, diabetics and celiac sufferers. The reader can also find opening chapters in which Alma explains which ingredients and tools you cannot do without in your kitchen, as well as tips and step-by-step advice on how to make spectacular decorations. All in all, it has all you need to bake textbook cupcakes and make a hit with your guests. «It's a delicious and well-crafted book, which exudes all of the passion that the author, despite her youth, has brought to bear on making cupcakes of every size and shape. A colourful, festive and tasty volume, full of possibilities, of fun and skill, which after all is what cooking has to get across, and more so in the case of pastry cooking. Congratulations to the author for her attention to detail and the ease with which she conveys her knowledge and experience of the cupcake world.» MARTÍN BERASATEGUI


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