Enemy Of God

Enemy Of God

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Sinopsis y resumen Enemy Of God

Arthur tells Derfel that he plans to marry Lancelot to Ceinwyn, and Derfel does not reveal that he is in love with Ceinwyn and wants her for himself. Derfel speaks with Merlin, and Merlin tells him that Arthur wants him to marry Gwenhwyvach, Guinevere's plain sister. Merlin asks Derfel to meet him and Nimue late one night on a hilltop, where Merlin has Derfel drink a hallucinogenic potion. Derfel hallucinates about Ceinwyn and sees a dark road and a ghoul, and he describes his vision to Merlin. Merlin tells him the ghoul was Diwrnach, a vicious Irish king of Lleyn, and he also asks Derfel to accompany him on the quest (which also requires the presence of a virgin) for a magical Cauldron, one of thirteen magical treasures of Britain, but Derfel is committed to taking his men to aid Arthur in his campaign to drive the Saxons out of eastern Britain. Merlin gives Derfel a bone, and tells him that all he has to do is break it and his wish will be granted, namely that Ceinwyn will choose him over Lancelot.


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